Signs that Suggest You Need to Drink More Water

When one is dehydrated, it simply means that the body does not have enough fluids and water. Scientists argue that water makes up about 60-80% of our body mass and that is why when you do not take enough of it, you start experiencing all manner of issues with your body. This for your body to work at its optimum, it is important that you drink the required amount of water on a daily basis. Thus if you are not taking in the required and enough amount of it your body will give you a number of signals. Let us now look at some of the signs that are likely to suggest that you need to drink more water.

1. Thirst

This is the most obvious sign that one needs to drink more water. This is the most obvious signal that your body will give you which tells you that you need to drink water. The body is simply saying that it has not been watered as required and you need to urgently hydrate it.

2. Persistent headaches

When most of the people experience headaches, in most cases they will resort to taking painkillers. But what we do not realize is that our bodies are dehydrated and thus the blood is not thinned enough resulting in less oxygen being transported to the brain, leading to one experiencing a severe headache. Thus to deal with such situations, it is advisable that you take a glass of water as it will ease the pain away.

3. Passing out dark yellow urine

drinking waterThis is another sign that you need to drink more water. For a normal human being, you must be exhausting urine that has a light yellow-amber color. But this will not be the case if you are not consuming enough water as the kidneys will extract more waste products that need to be expelled from the body hence leading to it having darker than usual urine. If you are dehydrated for long, you may pass out urine that has food colorings, blackberries or asparagus.

4. Reduced urine output

A normal human being is supposed to urinate between 6-7 times in a day. This is in the event that they have consumed the recommended amount of water. But if you don’t, your kidneys will attempt to retain as much fluids as possible to ensure that one is not dehydrated hence you will urinate less than 7 times in a day.

5. Dry skin and more defined wrinkles

In today’s world, you will realize that many people more especially those of the female gender rely on expensive moisturizers to achieve soft and smooth skins. They will also constantly use them in an endeavor to deal with fine lines and wrinkles. All this time they do not realize that their bodies are telling them that they need to be consuming more water and their problem will be sorted out.

6. Dry mouth

When your mouth starts to dry out, then you should definitely know that you are dehydrated. When your mouth dries, it is a sign that your mucous membranes have been dehydrated and hence need some replenishing by drinking more water. When you see the above-highlighted signs, then definitely know that your body is asking you to drink more water.