Guide to Make Your Own Sushi at Home

Many more people start to love eating sushi. They tend to eat sushi at a luxury restaurant that can provide them the best sushi. However, some people couldn’t afford the price because sometimes the costs are very high. Then, some people decided to make sushi at home. Luckily, this world becomes more advance because you can find and buy a maker sushi kit at the store or online. The equipment can ease your work and make your sushi shape better. Besides, you can buy the ingredients along with the kits. Some shops usually offer some packages.

You should decide what kind of sushi you want to prepare. After that, you can determine all of the ingredients and tools to make sushi at home. However, it would be best not to forget the sauce, such as wasabi or spicy mayo. Therefore, you can have the best sushi at home. These are some steps you can follow to make sushi at home;

sushi maker kit

Prepare the Ingredients and Kit

The ingredients are simple, depending on your preferences. The most important is the rice. It would be best if you prepared the rice perfectly. It could affect the real taste of your sushi. After that, if you have already decided what the fillings are, such as prawns or salmon, you can cook them. Then, please don’t forget to prepare the veggies. It will attach the perfect taste to your sushi also. Besides, in talking about the kit, you shouldn’t be worry because it is effortless. The equipment you might need is makisu (bamboo mat), chopsticks, and a sharp knife. Therefore, you can go to the next steps.

Make Sushi Rice sushi rice

The first thing you want to do is produce your sweetened rice. The cooking and resting process takes about 30 minutes. Then the rice must be cooled for use. It takes a little more time, depending on how you want to heat the rice. It can take an hour or two of a beautiful time.

Select the Vegetables

Choose the vegetables you want to use. The most common suspects are avocados, carrots, and cucumbers, but even this is just one of those beautiful recipes that could be adapted to your taste. Some people also use fruit in their homemade sushi. Therefore, you can add other veggies or fruits based on your favorite. But, you should match the veggies and fruits with other ingredients to get the best flavor.

Slice the Fish

You can choose the fish first that then become your sushi’s filling. You can combine some fish that can add some richness taste of your sushi. For instance, you can use smoked salmon and imitation of crab meat. You will find these different types of meat, which you can use for a sushi roll. You can choose some options, such as tuna, eel, even some chicken or teriyaki meat (the last two can be precooked naturally).

Making Wasabi

wasabi pasteWhen you buy wasabi in a store, it comes in a tiny jar in the form of powder. Then you add water until you get a creamy paste. There are several things you can do with wasabi paste. You could put it in your sushi rolls (just spread it on the nori when you put the rice outside, or sprinkle it on your rice before putting the pieces in). The overall strategy for using wasabi is to dip it in the soy sauce in which the rolls are dipped.

After those steps, you can start to make sushi. The process isn’t complicated, but you need to be more careful about getting the perfect sushi shape. If you want to add something more adult, you can serve the traditional rice wine (sake) along with the sushi. You can put it directly into a glass jar, heat it in the microwave, and then pour it into personal glasses. After a few bites, you will likely to drink more because the taste is very suitable.